Angry Red Bird

Art is something that is done when one has time and patience..
This one took a while due to a very busy life..
I will try to finish another painting with more accuracy.
Let me know what you guys think.  If you want me to take a high definition picture of this, I can .

Details for you people, This is water color on paper..
My next project will be Water Color on canvas.. 

But to all my followers... (3 years later.. sorry)
Here is the Angry Red Bird!

Let me know what you people think =)


Blast from the Past Part III

No recent updates due to the fact that art does not come out every day.. It is a hobby based on passion and commitment and quality of work.  Here is an old painting done by Winnie before the era of Kalvin, a gift she drew and given to her godfather.  She drew it accordingly to Robert Bettman's artwork (which is winnie's favorite animal painter).  This is a picture of a sitting on a branch.. 

Here is the picture

Four Seasons

One of Winnie's Classics,  here are the paintings regarding the four seasons on a single tree.  Seperated on four different canvas, each picture clearly shows the elegance of each season during the lifespan of this tree.  The brushwork as well as the details are not too profound but it is the overall feeling which makes this art spectacular.

Here it is:

Bird Painting

We had some rave reviews about the goldfish painting that i've backtracked to my parent's house and took a picture at another of Winnie's fine arts.  The articulate fine brushes and fine details are well shown on her art and it transpire to make the bird very lively and real.  This is one of my favorite pictures painted by Winnie and i am glad to show it to you guys.

Here it is:

Another Blast from the Past!

Alright guys, a double dosage of pictures..
Here is one from the past from my own window at my parent's house drawn by Winnie of course in 2006!, the view still looks the same but this sketch took her approximately 1 hours to do! it's amazing and this is how it looks like..


Alright Guys, another post , but this time, a big post, First Picture posted is a great painting winnie did, took her almost 3-4 months to paint.. if you guys want to know where she took this picture or why it looks familiar? it is an Elvish Piper drawn by Rebecca Guay (my idol) of course. The only difference is that winnie added a few more details and added other features in the painting.. (hopefully one day, if Guay ever reads our blog, i'd wish she painted and gave us one of her paintings!)

Alright, lets view winnie's other Drawings..

This painting is a little special for one of her friends. It is a painting for Anne. This is a portrait of her dead goldfish Raoul..... Anyways dont want to delve deep into this one, but it's freaky yet cool..

And finally..

This is just..... ok.. what is this? it's some sort of weird abstract art winnie experimented on.. Wondering what it is? i dont know, i thought it was a smiling fish... she states it is a cat.. what do you guys think?

Btw, anyone ever interested in any of her art, (paintings) we do sell! feel free to message us with your interest.